Zippy Paws

ZippyTuff+ Emerald Ring 堅硬狗玩具


Designed and tested with the toughest of chewers in mind, the ZippyTuff+ Emerald Ring is one of our toughest toys yet! Made with an even more durable TPR, this toy is perfect for dogs who are serious about their chewing game.

The ZippyTuff+ Emerald Ring features a circular faceted gem-like design that is fun to toss and satisfying to chew. And with it being made from the more durable ZippyTuff+ material, it's able to withstand hours of chomping and chewing play.

設計和經過測試,專為最強勁的嚼咬者而製,ZippyTuff+ 翡翠戒指是我們至今最堅固的玩具之一!採用更耐用的TPR製成,這款玩具非常適合那些對咬東西很認真的狗狗。

ZippyTuff+ 翡翠戒指採用了圓形多面體寶石般的設計,非常適合投擲,並且咬上去令人愉快。而且由於它是由更耐用的ZippyTuff+材料製成,能夠承受長時間的咀嚼和玩耍。

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