Waterless Cleansing Foam - WINTER WONDERLAND


Winter wonderland smells like.........

You’re being transported to the snowy mountains, surrounded by beautiful Fir, Pine and Spruce as you search for that perfect Christmas Tree.

The Christmas Edition shampoo contains our signature colloidal oatmeal with argan oil and aloe vera extra added to give that extra moisture boost and shine to your dog's skin and coat during the colder months.

Contains frankincense essential oil known to help stimulate growth of new cells, soothe inflamed skin, uplift mood and is gentle on BOTH dogs and cats.


The Christmas Edition cleansing foam contains our the benfits from our regular cleansing foams, however now infused with our highly raved Christmas edition!


Contains NO SLS/SLES, silicone, and paraben.


Product comes in 150ml.

Manufactured in thailand

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