Town Collar 狗頸帶


Ultimate Softness, TOWN COLLAR
Introducing the Town Collar made from the softest material. Charlie's Backyard's signature colors and fabrics are incorporated to enhance the smooth feel unique to high-density nylon yarn. The Town Collar complements various settings, be it at a city cafe, on a street covered in fallen leaves, or in a beautiful pine tree forest. Enjoy a colorful walk with Charlie’s Backyard Town Collar.

Silky Smooth Webbing

High-density nylon webbing provides astonishing softness.

Signature D-ring

Durable signature D-ring with a hole for attaching tags.


Size S M L
Neck Circumference 20~29cm 27~38cm 36~57cm

Please select the appropriate size based on the neck circumference. The proper size may vary depending on your pet's body shape and fur length. The given dimensions may have slight variations depending on the measurement method.



Webbing: Nylon (Width S 20mm / M, L 25mm)

Outer Fabric: Polyester

Product Care:

After use, store in a place inaccessible to pets.

When washing, hand wash using cold water and a neutral detergent.

Avoid high-temperature washing and drying, chlorine bleach, dry cleaning, and the use of home dry cleaning agents.

Exercise caution when using external parasiticides, essences, conditioners, deodorant sprays, etc., as strong chemical ingredients may cause discoloration to your pet's fur.

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