Surf & Turf Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food凍乾主食貓糧-海鮮大餐 9oz


The most convenient way to feed your cat a real raw diet, this recipe can be an irresistible meal-mixer for your cat’s kibble or a delicious complete and balanced meal! Our Surf & Turf recipe contains a special blend of 98% grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon and nutrient rich organ meat including beef hearts, beef liver and beef bones, a true prey-model diet your cat won’t be able to resist.

Formulated to help pets thrive

-Gently freeze-dried, never cooked, easy-to-feed pure raw nutrition
-Made with humanely raised, antibiotic, hormone and steroid-free, grass-fed beef and sustainably caught wild salmon
-Nourishing whole prey ratios of meat, organs, and bone to provide a natural source of nutrients your cat needs to thrive
-Grain-Free, legume free, high protein, elevated nutrition and taste!
-100% traceable ingredients, organic fruits & vegetables always 100% non-GMO


Salmon, Beef, Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beef Bone, Montmorillonite Clay, Dicalcium Phosphate, Organic Dandelion Greens, Potassium Chloride, Vitamins (Niacin Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Folic Acid, Biotin), Salt, Organic Cranberries, Taurine, Choline Chloride, Mixed Tocopherols (a preservative), Minerals (Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), Magnesium Sulfate, Rosemary Extract




- 溫和冷凍乾燥,未經烹煮,易於餵食的純生肉營養

- 使用人道飼養、無抗生素、激素和類固醇的牧飼牛肉,以及可持續捕獲的野生三文魚

- 提供豐富的肉類、內臟和骨頭的整體獵物比例,為貓咪提供所需的自然營養來茁壯成長

- 無穀物、無豆科植物、高蛋白質,提供卓越的營養和美味!

- 100%可追溯的成分,有機水果和蔬菜

- 100%非基因改造


三文魚、人道飼養的牛肉、人道飼養的牛肝、人道飼養的牛心、 人道飼養的牛骨、 蒙脫石粘土、磷酸氫鈣、有機蒲公英葉、 氯化鉀、 菸酸補充劑、 維生素 E 補充劑、 維生素 A 補充劑、 單硝酸硫胺素、泛酸、核黃素補充劑、鹽酸吡哆醇、維生素 D3 補充劑、維生素 B12 補充劑、葉酸、生物素、鹽、牛磺酸、有機蔓越莓、氯化膽鹼、混合生育酚(防腐劑)、蛋白鋅、蛋白鐵、蛋白銅、蛋白錳、碘酸鈣、亞硒酸鈉、硫酸鎂、迷迭香提取物






4748 kcal/kg , 234 kcal/cup


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