Zippy Paws

SmartyPaws Puzzler Feeder Bowl - Wagging Wheel 智力慢食碗


The SmartyPaws Wagging Wheel Puzzler Feeder Bowl is an all new interactive puzzler toy from ZippyPaws that doubles as a slow feeder bowl for eager eaters. The Wagging Wheel features textured slide panels that make eating a bit of a challenge and whole lot of fun! The puzzle design allows your dog to eat slower - helping to prevent bloating, belching and choking – and promotes a healthy diet and weight. Holds 3 cups of food! And it can also be used for treats. Non-slip base prevents sliding.

SmartyPaws Wagging Wheel Puzzler Feeder Bowl係ZippyPaws嘅全新互動解謎玩具,仲可以當作迫不及待嘅食物愛好者嘅慢食碗。 Wagging Wheel有紋理嘅滑動板,使食物變得有啲挑戰,亦更加有趣!呢個謎題設計可以令你嘅狗狗食得慢啲 - 幫助預防脹氣、打嗝同噎住 – 並促進健康飲食同體重。可以裝3杯嘅食物!同埋可以用嚟當零食碗。防滑底部防止滑動。

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