Hoki Fish Oil 紐西蘭野生藍鱈魚油


Hoki Fish Oil 紐西蘭野生藍鱈魚油

Zeal® Pure Natural New Zealand Hoki Fish Oil is one of the few fish oils in the world that is totally pure. It is extracted from Hoki fish, wild caught in deep, cold & pristine waters off the coast of the South Island of New Zealand, some of the cleanest oceans on the planet.

The New Zealand government has many regulations and a strict quota system in place that help to protect the environment, prevent pollution and ensure that the fish populations are sustainable. New Zealand Hoki are a sustainable resource as it is fished under a quota system that is government regulated and monitored.

Key Benefits:
–  Improves skin and coat health, brain health, heart health, immune system support, eye health, joint support and kidney disease
–  High DHA per serving of 140 mg and an EPA of 70 mg
–  Packaged in a neat pump bottle to avoid contact with oxygen as exposed oils can easily oxidise
–  Prevents degradation to quality from exposure to light
–  The bottle also makes it super easy to administer the required number of pumps for your pet
–  A quick pump of Zeal® Hoki Fish Oil on top of a daily meal will ensure that your pet is getting the required amount of Omega 3
–  Very palatable so no noses will turn up
–  Suitable for all life stages

Key Ingredients:
100% Natural New Zealand Hoki FIsh Oil.

Feeding Guidelines:
Usage – 1 pump per 5 kg of body weight onto food once per day

Dogs and Cats:
Less than 5 kg / 1 pump
Less than 10 kg  / 2 pumps
Less than 15 kg  / 3 pumps
Less than  20 kg  / 4 pumps

The 250 ml pump action bottle is easy to use and allows controlled dosages. Don’t give more than the suggested dose per day, taking only as directed. Discontinue use and consult your vet if any adverse reactions occur.

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