Wags 紐西蘭牛仔尾骨 125G


紐西蘭牛仔尾骨 125g

Yummy, meaty calf tails from free range cattle from the farms of New Zealand.

100% Pure Natural Treats - Free of any additives, colorings, flavoring, preservatives, antibiotics, vaccines & steroids & are also free from hormone growth promotants.

Product Features:

High in protein - Low in fat!

Only free range calfs

Highly palatable!

Ideal size for all breeds

Very meaty

Soft bone tissue.

  • 蛋白質: 71.6
  • 脂肪: 8.6
  • 水份: 6.1
  • 灰: 10.8
  • 纖維: 2.9

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