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Fishy Fish Pie with Peas Wet Dog food 鮮魚肉批狗用濕糧 400g


Fishy Fish Pie with Peas  鮮魚肉批狗用濕糧 400G


  1. 皮膚唔再痕,因為我們的配方無穀物、無小麥,同時有助防過敏,營養師和獸醫都認可
  2. 胃氣同軟便都少咗,食材只會烹煮一次,保留最多營養,加上採用螯合礦物質更易消化
  3. 好味大全,身體更強壯,我們不會採用肉粉、植物衍生物和味精,只用天然食材,有助維持自身免疫力
  4. 身體無異味,天然無多餘添加的配方,令狗狗身體無負擔,維持健康的體重,同時減少體味

Made of 50-65% high-quality fresh meat, using fresh natural meat and meat, only after one cooking process, to retain the most nutrients, so that the baby can get a good diet, so that it can grow healthily and thrive. The rest are a balanced combination of water, fruits and vegetables, vitamins and chelated minerals that achieve optimal absorption through daily intake of well-balanced nutrients.


  1. There are no scratches on the skin because our formula has no grain, no wheat, and is hypoallergenic. It is recognized by dietitians and veterinarians.
  2. Stomach and soft stools are less, the ingredients only cook once, retain the most nutrients, and are more digestible with chelated minerals.
  3. Good taste, stronger body, we will not use meat powder, plant derivatives and MSG, only use natural ingredients to help maintain our own immunity
  4. No odor, no extra formula added to the dog, no burden on the dog, maintain a healthy weight, and reduce body odor

Ingredients 成分


15% salmon, 15% salmon, 30% chicken, organic potatoes, 4% organic peas, organic carrots, spinach, vitamins and minerals, herbs and plants


Protein蛋白質(min)  10.3%
 Fat脂肪(min)  6.6%
 Fiber纖維(max)  0.4%
 Moisture水份(max)  75.0%
 Ash灰分(max)  2.0%


Directions for Use 使用方法

  1. 建議餵食量:根據寵物年齡,大小及活動量進行餵食。
  2. 成犬:每日1罐;幼犬:適量。
  1. Suggested feeding amount: feeding according to pet's age, size and activity.
  2. Adult cat:1 cans per day; Young cat: moderate amount.


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