Lambwolf Collective

FAWN Collar 頸帶


FAWN features a tightly woven paracord weave at 1¼" or 3cm width. This collar is designed for M+ size pups and is our flattest and sturdiest weave. The weave is slightly thicker than the other weaves in style and is great for those with a thick neck floof. 



Paracord is marked by its lightweight and strong qualities. When woven together, it creates a strong part that is extremely sturdy, resistant to rot, mildew and durable. 



The woven paracord part works just like a padding to absorb shock when the collar is pulled. Together with its lightness, our collars offer a comfortable wear both at rest and during training. 



• unlike our other collars made with a continuous paracord, this collar is made with three long cords and the burnt ends are hidden in the back side of the collar

• waterproof adjustment belt (in black) + water resistant paracord

• rust resistant solid rings

• each collar is hand woven and each might be slightly different from another

• we currently only offer two sizes in this design

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