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Essential the LYNX 鱈魚和黑線鱈無榖物貓小食 80g


This brilliant combination of cod and haddock is our take on the exquisite small delight. An ESSENTIAL tribute to cats. Entirely natural and straight out of Iceland, the LYNX is all and everything packed in one tiny bite. And you know it’s the real deal when you get a whiff– this is all FISH! Ideal for both cats and kittens and it even makes dogs go crazy too.

The ingredients at a glance: Cod & haddock. That's it!
Perfect for both cats and kittens, when you want to give them a tasty and healthy treat.
When: Mid-day and late night snacking
We love it ourselves because it offers the rare combination of being ALL FISH and yet easy to handle!
BOF: Definitely
Why you should choose it: This delicious combination of cod and haddock, all natural and rich in protein, is the treat all fish lovers have been waiting for!
Cod & haddock, salt

Crude protein 78.8%
Crude oils and fats 1.6%
Crude fibres 0%
Crude ash 5.4%
Salt 1.6%

Size: 1 CM
Made in Iceland

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