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Easy to put on your pet, and stylish design.

PALETTE HARNESS specially designed as user-friendly provides high convenience. Easy adjuster on the back enables you to adjust size very easily even after putting on and taking off thick clothing. Most of all, stylish design gives the perfect outfit for both you and your pet, as a fashionable item that can complete the styling of the day.


PALETTE series take ‘beautiful harmony’ as a motif. The series embrace fresh design through harmony of two colors and a good sense of touch through harmony of two kinds of leather with different textures.


Genuine cow leather

It is soft and has strong durability due to its embossing inside, and it is suitable for protecting your pet’s body.

Cow Nappa Leather

It has vivid and rich colours, and is soft and flexible, which reduce the irritation on sensitive belly and armpit.


Flexible fabric stiffener is used between leathers on upside and downside to make triple-layered lining so that you can use product as new one for much longer time. It is a processing system that can both maximise elasticity of leather it self and secure durability at the same time.

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