Awoo SMOOSH Lick Mat 狗狗慢食舔食墊


The ultimate food for thought. Non-slip lick mat with four separate textured sections designed to capture the tastiest spreads for longer-lasting engagement and mental stimulation. Use the lick mat as a training tool, to ease anxiety, build positive associations, and/or elongate mealtime.

Simply SMOOSH, spread, or smear any soft dog-safe treats or foods onto the mat and serve! Or prep ahead of time and place in the freezer to be enjoyed later.  

  • Floor and wall mount capabilities
  • Non-Slip with 4 suction cups
  • Multiple textures for longer engagement and stimulation
  • Promotes dental health and aids digestion
Licking helps to scrape bacteria off the tongue while producing more saliva. Increased saliva production better protects teeth and gums resulting in fresher breath! Something we can all appreciate. 
Lick mats also encourage slow eating which improves digestion and reduces likelihood of reflux. Remember that extra saliva production? It’ll come in handy again as it assists to break down food during digestion.
Size: 8" x 8"

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