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Australia Kangaroo Breast Bone 澳洲袋鼠胸骨


The Kangaroo Breast Bone dog treats are made from all-Australian kangaroo sternums and are a delicious, nutritious, and healthy treat for small to medium dogs.

One of our more popular treats, they contain small crunchy and soft bones and meat which dogs love the taste of. These will keep smaller dogs entertained for long periods of time.

As like all of our treats, these treats contain no preservatives or additives, just natural meat and bone. Kangaroo treats are also perfect for dogs with allergies, as almost all dogs will have no trouble.

Highly recommended by the CLEAR Dog Team as a tasty, nutritious treat for your dog. Also, these treats are low fat containing under 10% of fat content per bone.

As a natural product, sizes can vary depending on the size of the kangaroo. From the batch we checked, they tended to be a little over 20cm on average and weight between 35-70g each.

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