Ruff and Puff" Trachea Protection Supplements 氣管保健配方營養補充粉


Ruff and Puff contains wildcrafted Chuanbei that helps soothe the throat and ease coughs.
Licorice Root eases respiratory problems related to mucous membrane issues. The formula’s
mucilage rich ingredients help protect and rebuild a barrier around the trachea and lungs. Collagen further helps provide structure to the fibrous cartilage and connective tissue in the
respiratory system, rebuilding any damage and strengthening the trachea.

Active ingredients per 1 level teaspoon (approx 2.8g):

Type 1 & 3 Hydrolized Collagen - 700 mg

Organic Chinese Pearl Barley Powder - 650 mg

Organic Licorice Powder - 520 mg

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Powder - 300 mg

Wild Sourced Chuanbei Powder - 290 mg

Organic Hawthorn Berry Powder - 290 mg

Organic Slippery Elm Powder - 100 mg 


Inactive ingredients: none

Net weight: 85g

Made in HK

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