Lightweight weatherproof, TREK SHELL JACKET
Trek shell jacket is a t-shirt-type raincoat that maintains elasticity through Ventwin™ coating processing and is waterproof, breathable and breathable. The simple t-shirt shape makes it easy to put on and take off, and the back fastening makes it easy to wear a harness inside. Besides rainy days, it is also good to use as an outdoor jacket to block chilly temperatures and wind.


Waterproof, breathable, windproof Ventwin™ shell
With Ventwin™ film processing, it is waterproof, breathable and breathable, so you can take a pleasant walk even in rainy weather.

Lightweight & Stretchy Jacket
It's light and stretchy, so your dog's activities are comfortable. It is easy to wear in the form of a T-shirt, so it is suitable for various outdoor activities besides rainy days.

Closeable harness opening
An opening on the back allows the harness to be worn inside the shell jacket.

Adjustable high protective snood
A snood that can cover the entire neck protects the dog's body from rain, wind and dirt.


size neck circumference Bust back length
S 21cm 30 cm 23cm
M 24cm 36cm 28cm
L 28cm 42cm 33cm
XL 32cm 48cm 38cm
2XL 36cm 55cm 43cm
3XL 40cm 62cm 49cm
4XL 45cm 69cm 55cm
5XL 50 cm 78cm 62cm

  • The measurements in the size chart are the standard dog's body measurements.
  • The appropriate size may vary depending on the dog's body shape, coat length, and hair quantity, so
    please select the size by referring to the chart above and the dog's body measurements.
  • The size of the actual product may differ depending on the material, design, thickness of the fabric, measurement method, etc.

model wearing size

Jack Russell Terrier / 5.7kg / Wearing size L

German pointer / 20kg / 4XL size worn

Product Features

Due to the nature of the material of this product, be sure to measure your dog's body size and consider the chest circumference when choosing.


100% Ventwin™ coated polyester

product management

  • Please refer to the washing and handling instructions on the product label.
  • After use, shake lightly, wipe dry with a soft dry cloth, and dry in a well-ventilated shade.

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