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Zippy Burrow™ - To the Moon 狗玩具


To the moon! Introduce your dog to the thrills of trading with the Zippy Burrow™ To The Moon stock market-inspired burrow! Just stuff the trio of Miniz into the moon and sit back and watch as your dog puts their investment plan into action. Once your pup has all the squeaky Miniz out, they’ll be begging you to put them back in again and again for hours of fun!

Zippy Burrow™ toys are the perfect interactive toy for keeping your dog busy and engaged. Through hide-and-seek play, Zippy Burrow™ toys help prevent boredom and promote mental stimulation! This interactive toy comes with 1 Moon burrow and 3 small squeaky Miniz (Shiba Inu, Rocket, and Coin).

往月球出發!讓您的狗狗體驗交易的刺激,使用Zippy Burrow™ To The Moon股票市場靈感的地道介紹它!只需將三個小Miniz塞進月球,然後坐下來看著您的狗狗將他們的投資計劃付諸實行。一旦您的狗狗把所有吱吱聲的Miniz拿出來,它們會乞求您一遍又一遍地把它們放回去,提供幾個小時的樂趣!

Zippy Burrow™ 玩具是保持您的狗狗忙碌和參與的理想互動玩具。通過藏匿和尋找遊戲,Zippy Burrow™ 玩具有助於防止無聊,並促進智力刺激!這款互動玩具包括1個月球洞和3個小吱吱聲的Miniz(柴犬、火箭和硬幣)。

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