Zippy Paws

Wooliez - Larry the Llama Dog Toy 狗玩具


Bring on the wild and wooly fun with the all-new ZippyPaws Wooliez! Super soft and extremely fluffy, your dog will fall in love with these cute and cuddly creatures. Covered in fluffy faux fur, and featuring a large blaster squeaker, Wooliez are perfect for excited play or nap time snuggles. Size recommended for medium to large dogs. 

帶來狂野和毛茸茸的樂趣,全新的 ZippyPaws Wooliez 登場!超柔軟和極其蓬鬆,您的狗狗會愛上這些可愛的毛茸茸生物。覆蓋著蓬鬆的仿真毛皮,並配有一個大型的喇叭式吱吱聲器,Wooliez 非常適合興奮的遊戲或午睡時的擁抱。建議中到大型狗狗使用。

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