WagWellies™ Dog Boot 雨靴

  • $550.00

WagWellies™, the original wagwear “Wellington” boots. These 100% rubber, slip-on puddle jumpers are built to last. The open-vented slits make them a breeze to slide on, while also creating a secure fit that will stay put even while on the run. Our patent pending design is sleek, sturdy, and, most importantly, comfortable, making for the perfect paw protection.

  •XXS for paws up to 1.5" long  (approx. 5-15 lbs)

     •XS for paws up to 2" long (approx. 15-25 lbs)

     •S for paws up to 2.25" long (approx. 25-35 lbs)

     •M for paws up to 2.5" long  (approx. 35-45 lbs)

     •L for paws up to 3.25" long (approx. 45-60 lbs)