Zippy Paws

Waggle RopeTugz 拉扯狗玩具


We’ve taken our beloved Waggle Ball and combined it with durable climbing rope to create the ultimate Waggle Ball RopeTugz® that’s perfect for hours of fetch and tug play with tough chewers.

Constructed using durable ZippyTuff TPR and sturdy climbing rope this toy is built to stand up to tough play. There is no noisemaker in the Waggle Ball for this version, but you can remove the rope and use the very durable ball for fetch. So, basically, you get a 2-in-1 toy for the price of one!

我哋將我哋心愛嘅Waggle Ball同耐用嘅攀登繩結合,創造咗最終嘅Waggle Ball RopeTugz®,非常適合耐咬嘅狗狗嘅取物遊戲同拉扯遊戲,可以玩幾個鐘。

呢個玩具係用耐用嘅ZippyTuff TPR同堅固嘅攀登繩製成,可以承受激烈嘅遊戲。呢個版本嘅Waggle Ball冇噪音器,但你可以拆除繩,然後用非常耐用嘅球做取物遊戲。所以基本上你可以用一個價錢買到兩款玩具!

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