Veal Liver 牛仔肝狗小食

Zeal -Veal Liver 牛仔肝 125g

由 100% 手工製作的純牛仔肝製成,富含鐵質的一口大小,非常適合特殊的高價值獎勵和訓練輔助品

  • ZEAL系列純天然寵物零食有益健康、值得信賴且來源可追溯
  • 由風乾的散養新西蘭牛仔肝製成,不含任何色素
  • 製造過程中不使用的香料、添加劑或防腐劑,它們是美味和健康的營養來源


成份 Ingredient


Zeal - Veal Liver 125g Made from 100% handcrafted pure veal liver, these bite-sized pieces are rich in iron, making them perfect for special high-value rewards and training aids.

The ZEAL range of all-natural pet treats is beneficial for health, reliable, and traceable in origin. Made from air-dried free-range New Zealand veal liver, with no added colors. No spices, additives, or preservatives used in the manufacturing process, they are a delicious and healthy source of nutrition.

Ingredients: 100% New Zealand veal liver.

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