• The Trip harness is a new and original Y-type harness. After numerous prototypes, this Y-pattern was created for an optimal fit.
  • Y-shaped neck relieves pressure from your dog's trachea
  • Features a front-clip as well as a D-ring on the back, so you can attach your leash on the front or back.
  • There is a handle (a raised strap that does not add weight or much bulk) on the back to assist your dog over obstacles or gain quick control while outing or training.
  • The D-ring is designed not to touch the dog's back, and all other sewing and finishing details are done in a way as to not irritate your dog's skin
  • Sturdy buckle with 4-points lock. Make sure you hear the "click" of the buckle when securing the harness on your dog.
  • Two back buckles make it easier to put on and remove, without having to lift your dog's leg. Simply unbuckle both buckles, fit the front loop through your dog's head, then secure the two back

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