• Training Mini Bones - Beef 牛肉迷你訓練小食
  • Training Mini Bones - Beef 牛肉迷你訓練小食

Training Mini Bones - Beef 牛肉迷你訓練小食

  • $80.00

Mini Beef Training Bones by Fresco Dog offers a tasteful healthy training treat for your dog which is packed full of REAL Duck meat . They contain only the highest quality cuts of beef meat with a touch of natural vegetable glycerin to keep them soft and moist. Their small bone shapes pieces make this treat ideal for both dog training and walks. With each pack not only containing approx 200 pieces of the ultimate training treat, they also benefit from zip lock packaging to keep them bursting with flavour everytime. We offer a vairety of flavours within our Mini Bones category, including our Superfood range such as our Superfood Mini Chicken with Blueberries.

Can I feed Fresco Mini Bones alongside my dog current high meat content diet?

When feeding a high meat content diet such as Fresco Frozen Raw (B.A.R.F) food or our Fresco Beef Dry RAW it can be difficult to maintain the perfect diet when giving your dog added treats as many other brands only offer minimum low meat content treats with some only as low as 4% meat content. At Fresco Dog all of our products contain only healthy ingredients containing PURE meat so you can assured that you are feeding your dog the best quality treat manufactured to the highest of standards in our state of the art manufacturing plant in Germany.

No matter which FRESCO training snack you buy, you can be sure that it was made from fresh meat without additives such as corn, wheat, soy, dyes, preservatives, meat flours or other fillers. FRESCO training snacks are lovingly made in Germany in our own production under the strict IFS quality seal. The carefully selected beef meat is sourced locally and is 100% traceable. We give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all FRESCO training snacks.

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