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Sydney & Co Dog Bed


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Sydney & Co Australia's Tweed dog beds are available in a variety of different styles with a distinctive piping around the outer edge. They are filled with Polyester Hollow Fiber. All of our beds have been generously filled to ensure maximum comfort and a good night’s sleep for your pet. They also have the option to remove or add filling at a later date for maintenance.


Our beds have 4 waterproof removable bolsters at each side. The middle waterproof cushion is also removable with a zip. Once each cushion/bolster is removed the fabric can be washed as a whole on a cool 30° temperature.


Size Guide


Small: 48cm x 41cm x 16cm

Medium: 62cm x 53cm x 24cm

Large: 86cm x 65cm x 28cm


英國品牌SYDNEY & Co. 系列澳洲粗紋布藝寵物梳化床, 有多達6種款式可供選擇, 款式時尚, 面料耐磨, 再以獨特的車縫滾邊設計,感覺富時代感又帶點優雅。為了我們的愛寵能夠得到最好的舒適度, 安全及良好睡眠質素, SYDNEY & Co對於設計及物料要求都非常高, 梳化床式設計加上物料配合, 可均勻承托愛寵身體,內層物料, 特別採用聚酯纖維, 透氣度高, 耐用, 快乾, 不易皺, 不易縮水, 不易發霉, 不易變形和不易導致皮膚過敏等特性。客人還可以根據情況或溫度, 移除或添加填充物以滿足所需。



細碼: 48cm x 41cm x 16cm

中碼: 62cm x 53cm x 24cm

大碼: 86cm x 65cm x 28cm








基本的洗滌說明:將中間及四邊的防水咕臣的拉鏈拉開便可拆開, 連同外套放入洗衣機便可清洗, 非常方便, 建議用常溫水或不高於30°C水。在購買前,不妨為愛寵選擇正確的尺寸。

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