Sleepy Cotton

Strawberry - Revitalizing Dog Face Wash - 8 oz


For Face - Special Formula

Keeping our furry friends faces clean can prevent dirt and bacterias from entering their system. Our gently formulated Face Wash products allow proper care to their extra sensitive facial area. This special formula is also developed to help reduce and prevent eye infections and eye boogers.


Sweet Vitamin C Bath - Strawberry Goodness

Does your dog remind you of vibrant, sweet strawberries? Add extra sweetness to your furry friend’s care routine with our Strawberry Ultra Gentle Revitalizing Dog Face Wash. Strawberries are an incredible antioxidant and contain a high concentration of vitamin C. They help to protect and rejuvenate dog’s skin & fur, reducing hair loss and dandruff. We use 100% strawberry extract water for delicate fur babies, while allowing you to enjoy the natural strawberry scent at its best. Strawberries will bring tons of wholesome qualities and nutrients for a fruitful bath time for your pup.


Not Just Gentle. It is Ultra Gentle

It is important to understand how every dog has sensitive skin. Dog’s skin is only 3 to 5 cells thick; whereas a humans is between 10 to 15 cells thick. Sleepy Cotton Ultra Gentle Dog Shampoo is perfectly formulated for dog’s sensitive skin. Our foaming agents are extracted from coconut and sugar. No SLS or SLES. No harsh chemicals are added. All ingredients are 100% natural.


Eliminate Itchy & Irritated Skin Conditions

Understanding the complex relationship with dog’s hypersensitive skin and widely used harsh chemicals is the key to eliminate most common skin irritations including itchy skin. MANY CAN SIMPLY BE ELIMINATED BY AVOIDING ALL HARSH CHEMICALS and switching to all-natural products made only with naturally derived ingredients.


How to Select the Dog Face Wash that You Can Trust?

Pick up your fur baby’s face wash and answer below three questions:


Country of Origin - Does it clearly state where is it made?
Ingredients List - Are they ALL clearly listed?
Source of Ingredients - Are they clearly listed as ALL US made ingredients?


Are any of your answers NO? If so, you might want to think again.


True Made in USA

While many companies do not provide necessary information clearly, we proudly state everything.


- All Sleepy Cotton bath products are made in USA
- We proudly list ALL our ingredients
- ALL our ingredients are US made


100% US Made Ingredients

Are you able to tell the source of ingredients used in your current dog face wash? Sleepy Cotton Ultra Gentle Dog Face Wash is made with 100% US made naturally derived plant based ingredients.


How To Use

Facial Area: Wet dog’s face with warm water. Work into a lather on your palm and gently massage over the dog’s face avoiding eyes and nose, then rinse.


Reduce & Prevent Eye Boogers: Gently wet the area around the eyes and booger heavy areas with warm water. Let water soak in. Work into a lather on your fingers and apply it. Using your fingertips, gently twist and rub the fur around the area, breaking dirt and grime off. Then rinse gently.


Warning: We do not recommend using general dog shampoo products from grocery stores for facial cleaning.


Key Benefits

- Made in the USA
- Clear ingredient list
- All US made ingredients
- GMO free ingredients
- Naturally derived ingredients
- No harsh chemicals
- Plant based - All vegan face wash
- Natural preservative
- Biodegradable
- Ultra gentle
- Reduce & prevent eye boogers
- Reduce & prevent eye irritation & infection
- Reduce skin irritation & itching
- Skin soothing
- Tear free
- pH balanced for dog
- Protect & nourish skin & fur
- Help skin heal & clear skin conditions


Made Without

- Parabens
- Phthalates
- Formaldehyde
- Mineral oil
- Dyes
- Synthetic Fragrances


Quality Above Most Human Grade Products

Sleepy Cotton Ultra Gentle Dog Face Wash is made of carefully selected, 100% US made naturally derived ingredients. The quality is above most human-grade products on the market.

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