Zippy Paws

Squeakie Pattiez - Zippy Coin 狗玩具


Introducing our very own currency - a double-sided Squeakie Pattiez Zippy Coin! This wise investment features a Shiba Inu embroidered on one side and “ZIPPYCOIN” embroidered on the flip side.

Squeakie Pattiez are soft stuffing-filled toys that feature corduroy textured sides and include two round squeakers. Each toy is shaped to suit small and large pup mouths alike, providing endless fun for any size of dog.

為大家介紹我們狗狗的貨幣 - 雙面的Squeakie Pattiez Zippy Coin!這個明智的投資一面刺繡有柴犬,另一面則刺繡有“ZIPPYCOIN”。

Squeakie Pattiez是填充軟物的玩具,具有緞帶紋理的側邊,並包括兩個圓形吱吱聲器。每個玩具的形狀都適合小型和大型狗狗的嘴巴,為任何大小的狗狗提供無限的樂趣。

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