Zippy Paws

SmartyPaws Puzzler - Donut Slider 智力狗玩具


Let your doggo take matters into their own paws with the SmartyPaws Puzzler Donut Slider! This all new interactive toy from ZippyPaws teaches dogs problem solving skills for a fun and engaging way to receive treats or kibble! The Donut Slider features different levels of difficulty that entertain and reduce boredom while teaching your pup problem solving skills. Non-slip base to prevent sliding.

畀你嘅狗狗自己動手玩SmartyPaws Puzzler Donut Slider啦!呢個全新嘅ZippyPaws互動玩具可以教導狗狗解難技巧,以有趣嘅方式得到小食或乾糧!Donut Slider設有唔同難度嘅層次,可以娛樂佢,減少無聊,同時教導你嘅小狗解難技巧。防滑底部以防止滑動。

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