Zippy Paws

SmartyPaws Puzzler Interactive Dog Toy - Donut Slider


Swap your dog’s squeaky and plush toys for something a bit more challenging and rewarding: the ZippyPaws SmartyPaws Puzzler Donut Slider! This treat-concealing dog puzzle game comes in a fun donut shape with a rotating top that spins and reveals hidden treat compartments and sliding mini donuts.

Each track has mini donut rounds and a secret treat hole where you can hide your dog’s favourite nibbles or kibble! You can use this dog puzzle game as a slow feeder bowl as well and use dry dog food instead of treats.

The interactive Donut Slider Treat Game for dogs boasts various difficulty levels to keep your dog’s mind sharp and continue improving their problem-solving skills. With a non-slip base, this dog puzzle stays in place for easier and comfortable play for your pet.


  • Interactive treat-hiding dog puzzle game shaped like a donut
  • Features varying difficulty levels to keep your dog curious and entertained
  • Designed with miniature sliding donuts that conceal treat compartments
  • Challenges and stimulates your pet’s mind to combat boredom
  • Helps your dog slow-feed on kibble or treats for more exciting playtime
  • Made with a non-slip base to secure the puzzle game in place
  • Ideal for all dogs to enjoy!

Colour: Blue

Size: Approx. 28cm x 28cm x 3.5cm

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