SmartyPaws Puzzler 寵物益智解迷玩具


Hide your dog’s favourite treats inside the Puzzler and make them figure out the puzzle! The SmartyPaws Puzzler features three different difficulty levels (sliding lids, flip lids, and rotating lids) that test your dog’s problem-solving skills and challenges them mentally for endless entertainment and cognitive enhancement. The Puzzler features multiple treat covers with small holes designed in them to help your dog sniff out their favourite treats. You can also use the Puzzler as a slow-feeding option for your pet and hide kibble inside the compartments.


  • Interactive treat-hiding puzzle game for dogs featuring 3 different difficulty levels to continue challenging your pet and sharpening their mind!
  • Helps prevent boredom and keeps your dog entertained
  • Hides your dog’s favourite treats to entice them to figure out the puzzle
  • Can be used as a slow-feeder for your dog to help control their eating habits
  • Small holes in the treat covers to help your dog sniff out the treats or kibbles
  • Non-slip base keeps Puzzler in place and prevents it from moving around

Colour: Blue / Purple

Size/Dimensions: Approximately 27.9cm x 27.9cm x 2.54cm

Difficulty Levels:

Level 1: Slide

Level 2: Flip

Level 3: Rotate

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