Sheep Ears 紐西蘭羊耳 125g

  • 100% 純天然小食  100% 紐西蘭製造. 

  • 採用100%紐西蘭天然放牧羊.

  • 鮮羊耳含高蛋白質和基軟骨素,有助關節健康!

  • 100%紐西蘭天然放牧羊.

    • 不含抗生素 
    • 不含疫苗 
    • 不含色素 
    • 不含香料 
    • 不含添加劑 
    • 不含防腐劑 
    • 不含激素 
    • 不含類固醇 


  • 適合任何年齡和犬種
  • The Natural Pet Treat Company (NPTC), started operations in January 1999, manufacturing treats that are REAL natural. Short of ‘organic’ these treats have no vaccines, antibiotics, colouring, flavouring, absolutely no ‘nasties’.


  • We were one of the first off the rank with naturalness and although this has taken a few years to develop markets, we now export to 15 countries and still growing.


  • We have a range of real dried Veal, Sheep and Venison meat and bone treats to choose from.


  • Dog Size: All


  • Available in 125g

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