Sea Jerky Fish Tiddlers 純魚皮方塊


Dogs love these tasty, delicious treats!


Made from 100% fish skins these natural low calorie treats have a rough texture which not only help remove tartar from your dog’s teeth but have a taste dogs adore.


Sea Jerky Tiddlers are around 20mm cube. 


Sea Jerky Tiddlers are part of our Dental range. The Dental category contains treats that can help support dog’s dental health. Crunchy, abrasive and lower in calorie that our other treats.



White Fish Skins.


Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein 79%, Crude Fibre 0.6%, Fat Content 2.4%, Crude Ash 10%, Omega 3 Fats 0.3%.


 Dental Care Digestive Aid Supports Healthy JointsContains Omega 3Skin & Coat Support

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