• 小牛板筋 Veal Paddywacks
  • 小牛板筋 Veal Paddywacks
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小牛板筋 Veal Paddywacks

Veal Paddywacks is cartilage and connective tissie, taken from a special part on veal neck. The veal paddywacks contain natural glucosamine for joint support. The gnawing action from chewing these treats also promotes healthy teeth and gums by removing tartar and plaque buildup.  


小牛筋是軟筋和結締組織,取自小牛的頸筋部位。這個食品含有天然的葡萄糖胺, 因此非常適合有關節痛的狗隻。長時間咀嚼能有效清潔牙齒。適合所有犬隻食用。