Orka Dentalinks Puppy Chew Toy, Blue


The Petstages Orka Dentalinks chew toy is made for puppies and small dog breeds that are developing their teeth and need a constructive way to focus their chewing and biting behavior. Reinforced with inner ribs and raised diamond textures, the Dentalinks Orka rings loop around a twisted central rope providing your pup with multiple textures and chewy material that massages gums and helps prevent plaque and tartar. Can be used for games of fetch and tug of war with your pup. Suitable for small dog breeds and puppies. Not for rough chewers or destructive biters.


puppy & small breed dental chew toy:

The Petstages Orka Dentalinks are a great option to sooth teething puppies and satisfy their natural urge to chew and chomp. Suitable for small breeds as well.

multiple textures support dental health:

The Dentalinks are made from 2 rings of flexible Orka TPE material with raised textures and a thick, twisted rope that helps to remove tartar, plaque, and massage gums as your pup chews, tugs, and plays.

fetch & tug for fun:

The Dentalinks puppy chew toy can also be used for playtime games of fetch and tug of war with your pup.

bpa, pvc, phthalate, & lead free:

Petstages Orka Dentalinks chew toys are made from BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free TPE material and natural rope that are safe to chew on.

play it safe:

No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

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