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Organic Chicken Dinner Wet Cat Food 有機雞肉貓主食罐 85G



精選有機原材料,營養均衡完整,包括對眼睛和心臟健康至關重要的牛磺酸,以及維生素,螯合的礦物質以及omega 3和6脂肪酸,以促進整體健康。我們還向混合物中添加了胡蘿蔔以使其更具吸引力,並且添加了對眼睛健康有益的維生素A。







Made with 100% certified organic ingredients, this Organic Chicken Dinner is an especially delicious mix of 56% organic, free range chicken, pork, beef and fish with a smooth pâté texture that will tempt and delight your variety-loving cat.

And all that fantastic quality organic meaty and fishy greatness means this dish is as nourishing as it is delicious. Complete and balanced, it includes essential taurine for eye and heart health, plus vitamins, chelated minerals and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to encourage overall health and well-being. We’ve also added carrots to the mix to make it extra tempting, and we’ve added vitamin A which is great for eye health.


  • Full of organic meaty greatness (the freshly prepared, meat and offal that cats thrive on)
  • The rest is a perfect balance of moisture for hydration, with added vitamins and chelated minerals to help maximise nutrient absorption
  • Complete and balanced nutrition including essential taurine, vital for your cat’s health
  • 100% organic, naturally nutritious and grain free recipe
  • Only proper meat: no meat or fish meal, no bone meal, no rendered meat - ever


Organic Chicken (30%), Organic Pork (12%), Organic Beef (10%)


Organic Fish (4%), Organic Carrots, Chelated minerals



91 kcal/100g


Analytical constituents

Crude Protein 9.5%

Crude Oil & Fats 6%

Crude Ash 2.2%

Crude Fibres 0.3%

Moisture 82%


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