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Ocean Pals - SNUFFLE Octopus 藏食狗玩具


This cute octopus is ready to swim into your dog’s heart! Hide treats inside the octopus, then let your little one pull out the ink straps. Your dog will have a fun nose work game by finding the snacks inside the hidden pocket. A perfect sensory toy for keeping your dog busy.


  • High-level nose work play. 
  •   Interactive toy that holds your dog’s treats.
  •  Great way to provide mental stimulation.
  • Imported from Canada
      Crinkle, Squeak, Nose work
      Materials Polyester Cotton
      Pet Size Suitable for all dogs
      Life stages All ages
      Pet activity
      Chew, sniff, snuggle
      Handwash with cold water.

      Caution: Supervise your dog during play. Remove any loose pieces and replace the toy if torn. 

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