MY POTTY PAD 殿堂吸寵物尿墊

Only available at Pawtners Sai Ying Pun Store / Foodpanda
My Potty Pad can be used daily  Indoor dogs, ailing incontinent or senior dogs, lining crates and carrier, drying wet paws and fur, protecting car seats, large spills.
-6 layers for maximum protection (Top sheet , upper layer tissue, polymer SAP, pulp, Down layer tissue, PE film)
-100%  guaranteed
-Instant moisture absorbent
-Lock in  dries in minutes
-Controls odors, pleasant environment
-Handles multiple wettings
- attractant for easy training
-No tracking
100 Pads (33 X 45 cm each pad)
50 Pads (45 X 60 cm each pad)
24 pads (60 x 90 cm each pad)
Usage Guidelines:

MY POTTY PAD 殿堂吸寵物尿墊採用日本化工企業"住友精化株式會社" (Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Company Limited) 生產之高分子,有效強力吸收,鎖住水份並瞬間乾爽,無疑比市面上絕大部份寵物尿墊更勝一疇。


 - 使用來自日本的吸水珠珠

- 最強 6層保護

- 100%防滲漏保證

- 瞬間吸收水份

- 鎖住水分 瞬間乾爽

- 控制氣味 保持空氣清新

- 全方位應付多處滲漏

- 更易訓練犬隻於室內正確地方如廁

- 潔淨無痕

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