Medea Eco Green Dog Bathrobe


If your pet does not have patience enough to stay still when drying the fur or if you just want to save time and trouble, or make sure that the flooring and furniture stay safe from water splashes wrap a bathrobe around the dog after a swim or walk in the rain. The highly absorbent and soft microfibre bathrobe dries the dog fast and keeps it warm. The high collar can be opened up from the front with press studs, which makes the bathrobe quick and easy to put on. The wide touch-fastening waistband ensures that the bathrobe stays snuggly in place and makes it fit perfectly. On the inside of the collar, there is a cute bone print pattern. The features of the water-washable bathrobe are improved with every use. On hot summer days, the bathrobe can serve as a cooling coat for the dog: rinse the bathrobe in cold water, wring out and then put it on the dog.

  • High collar opens up from the front with press studs
  • Can be used as a cooling garment on hot summer days
  • Helps to keep the surfaces and furniture in your home safe from water splashes and mud after a bath or walk
  • Fast to put on and stays well in place
  • Extremely soft and dries fast
  • Dries the fur and keeps the dog warm after a shower, bath, swim or walk in the rain
  • Highly absorbent bathrobe made of microfibre. 

Rukka Pets Medea Eco Green Dog Bathrobe

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