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Australia Mantis Shrimp 澳洲風乾瀨尿蝦 50g


Mantis Shrimp dog treats are made using only Australian fish. Sustainably farmed, and are completely natural. Containing no additives or preservatives – only naturally occurring nutrients. Our fish pet treats are high in protein and particularly rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which will aid in lowering inflammation, and weight control (as they are low in fat).

They are ideal for most sized dogs, though more of a high-value quick snack for most. They are not particularly oily and will hold their form, making them easy to handle – easy for you, healthy for them!

Mantis Shrimp tend to be around 6-12cm long and around 1-2cm tall. They are light and bulky. Most are less than 4-10g in weight

Please note: the colour of shrimp can naturally vary from grey to orange depending on factors including location and depth caught.

Overall these are a fantastic way of giving your dog all the excellent nutrients from fish.

They are also perfect for the medium to larger dogs out there that suffer from allergies. Made from Australian, sustainably farmed Shrimp with no preservatives, sugar or colours. This is important for dogs with allergies, as unnatural additives may cause allergy flare-ups.

These hypoallergenic dog treats are high in Omega 3s for joint and coat health. As well as weight control as they are a low-fat treat. Fish is meat that experts say is low risk for allergies and so could be your dog’s golden ticket for avoiding allergies.

Around 50g each pack.

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