• Llama Mia -10" Plush Toy
  • Llama Mia -10" Plush Toy
  • Llama Mia -10" Plush Toy

Llama Mia -10" Plush Toy

  • $149.00

Looking for the perfect toy? No prob-llama! Llama Mia will make your pup the envy of the block with all of its loving snuggles! This toy is made of a super soft plush tie-dye material featuring an iridescent unicorn horn and hoofs including multiple fun squeakers and crinkle inside!

Snugarooz Plush Toys are crafted to squeak and crinkle their way into every furry heart. All products are created from safe, non-toxic materials with durable construction throughout. With the purchase of these toys you are helping sustain our planets natural resources.

All of our plush toys are all made with Environmentally Friendly Materials!