Fenella Smith

Labrador Dog Food Bowl 陶瓷狗狗飲食碗


Perfect for making mealtimes more joyful.

The perfect gift for any dog lover or a little treat for your four legged friend. Also looks rather loverly in the kitchen so, win win we say!

Dog Bowl Buying Guide

When shopping for a dog bowl you will want to consider style, material, size, durability and ease of cleaning. You should have one bowl for food and one for water and ensure these are an appropriate size for your dog and according to the size of their meal and water requirements. Dogs with longer noses will appreciate a deeper bowl whereas a smaller dog or one with a short flat nose will prefer a shallower dish. A deep bowl can also be useful for dogs with long ears to keep them from dipping into their food or water!

A robust heavy bowl is preferable so that it cannot be pushed across the floor by an over enthusiastic dog at mealtimes, this also prevents them tipping up. A durable material that is non chewable and ideally dishwasher safe is ideal for convenience and hygiene.

Material: ceramic

Size: Diameter: 18cm
Height: 6cm

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