• Forage Fish (50g)
  • Forage Fish (50g)

Forage Fish (50g)

  • $78.00
    • 一口小魚乾
    • 無穀物
    • 單一成分配方
    • 高蛋白質
    • 低溫風乾、保留營養
    • 天然健康、安心食用

  • Big Fish, Little Fish, Forage Fish

    Our pure Forage Fish is all chew to give your doggo a bite of the big blue in your own backyard.

    No scaly skin from this snack, the Omega Fatty Acids will soothe inflammation for top to tail coat shine.

    A treat packed with healthy protein building blocks that are easy on the tummy for doggos with common allergies.

    Get hooked on the taste ‘cause it’s all natural – nothing fishy but the scent.