FoodBall Open Slow Feed Bowl 犬用闊口球形搖搖食碗


Deep food bowls may prevent smaller dogs, puppies,
or snub-nosed dog breeds from reaching the food at the bottom of the bowl.
Food Ball Open is wider and shallower than Food bowl
so that it can make it easier for your pet to reach its food.

Food Ball is a ball-like shaped feed bowl to slow your dog eating. It helps prevent indigestion and gulping for a healthier way of eating.
The shape of the bowl leaves the long ears of your pet on the outside of it at all times.

The bowl with the rounded base rolls around as your pet munches away the food.
The divisions inside also encourage your pet to eat at a slower pace.
The product is weighted at the base so that it does not fall over.

You can take it fully apart for cleaning.


Body and plate: Polypropylene(Heat resistant temperature:110℃)
Bottom Rubber: Silicon (Heat resistant temperature: 230℃)



這款 Oppo 球形慢食碗是十分有效的慢食具,專為短吻犬而設,例如西施犬, 老虎犬, 八哥等.

獨特的球形設計,  慢食碗會在平面上滾動,有別於一般的餵食碗, 能夠給狗隻邊玩耍,邊進食. 增加狗隻進食時的樂趣。而內部的設計令狗隻不容易地吃到碗中的食物, 減慢進食速度,令牠們可以慢慢地享受進食的過程&增加運動量。

  • 專為短吻犬種設計
  • 減慢狗狗進食時的速度
  • 寬闊的碗口設計能方便狗隻進食
  • 容易清洗

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