• Ethnic Purple Multi Function Leash 多功能拖帶
  • Ethnic Purple Multi Function Leash 多功能拖帶
  • Ethnic Purple Multi Function Leash 多功能拖帶
Max & Molly

Ethnic Purple Multi Function Leash 多功能拖帶

  • $149.00
  • $288.00
  • 採用超強聚酯 (Polyester) 和潛水布料 (Neoprene) 製成,非常強韌及耐用
  • 質料柔軟舒適,不會弄傷寵物或引致皮膚敏感
  • 時尚活潑的設計,令寵物與眾不同
  • 使用磨砂表面的合成金屬扣和環
  • 適合於攝氏 30 度的水溫下以洗衣機清洗





9 公斤 / 20 磅

200 厘米 / 6.6 呎

22 公斤 / 50 磅

200 厘米 / 6.6 呎

27 公斤 / 60 磅

200 厘米 / 6.6 呎

40 公斤 / 90 磅

200 厘米 / 6.6 呎


以下是 7 種推薦用法:

  • 1 米短帶
  • 1.3 米中帶
  • 1.6 米長帶
  • 束腰帶
  • 束肩帶
  • 雙頭帶
  • 臨時綁帶

You are looking for a unique dog leash and highest flexibility? We love this multifunctional leash as it adapts to any situation. 
No matter you walk your dog in the city or in the country side, with good or bad weather, short or long distance, you have 7 convenient ways to use it.

1. as short lead, 1,00 m.
2. as medium long lead, 1,30 m.
3. as long lead, 1,60 m
4. as waist lead
5. as shoulder lead
6. as double lead
7. as temporary tie


Max & Molly leashes are not just cool but also super safe and comfortable!
Both you and your dog will enjoy the unique sandwich construction.
A thick layer of extra strong nylon on top, soft padding inside for better grip,
and a modern easy drying anti-allergic neoprene material on the bottom.
It feels comfortable and soft, no matter how often you wrap it around your hand.
Our safety testing ensures, that your pooch won’t go loose on this one.
All metal parts are beautifully brushed and the hook is just so easy to snap on any ring without hurting fingers or nails.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L. Please view our size chart for detailed information.

Material: Polyester, neoprene

Care instructions: Gentle machine wash. No tumble drying.