Dry Wash for Pets 免沖洗寵物抗菌清潔粉


免水洗寵物沖涼粉,有效抗菌止癢 除臭,可隨時隨地清潔寵物毛髮,令寵物毛髮保持清爽,乾淨清新。







- 不含人造香料或色素
- 不含SLS(乳化劑)或化學礦物油
- 不含苯甲酸酯, 丙二醇 (化學原料, 可能導致過敏的防腐劑)
- 不含類固醇
- 不經動物測試 - 愛地球,愛動物

Waterless pet shampoo powder, effectively kills bacteria, relieves itching and eliminates odor. It can clean and refresh pet hair anytime, anywhere, making it look and feel clean and fresh.

Instructions: Sprinkle the dry shampoo powder evenly over the pet's body, rub it in against the hair with a brush for a few minutes, and then comb through the hair.

When are pets unable to take a bath with water?

Young pets, pregnant pets, sick or injured pets, pets that are afraid of water, pets of busy owners, and elderly pets.

Dogs should not be bathed too frequently with water.

A dog's skin has only 3-5 layers (compared to the 13-14 layers of human skin). Frequent bathing can damage the surface oils of a dog's skin, which lacks sweat glands, reducing its ability to protect against external bacteria and causing skin problems.

Capacity: 60g

Note: Dry shampoo powders generally only fill half the bottle to allow space for sprinkling during use.

Shelf Life: This product is freshly manufactured and does not contain any chemical preservatives. Its shelf life is relatively short, around four to six months, but it is gentle and will not irritate the skin. It is recommended to store in dry place.

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