Nina Ottosson

DOGBRICK WOOD 磚型積木遊戲(木製)

  • $299.00

DogBrick 磚型積木遊戲組

Let your dog look for the treats by trying to lift the pegs or block and pull the discs to the side.

Hide treats or dry food bits in the cavities under the bricks. Let the dog search for the treats by moving the bricks aside, either with the paw or the nose. It is not possible to lift the bricks. Ingenious and full of fun!

Make it more difficult...
... by locking the bricks with the included big blocks and black pegs. Now the dog has to lift the blocks and pegs in order to push the bricks aside and thus reach the treats. You can also put sticks from trees between the bricks and lock the bricks.

Wishing you much pleasure.
Nina Ottosson

商品材料 木材質


玩法介紹 將零食藏在積木下面,讓狗狗利用鼻子或爪子移動積木來尋找食物。










原產地: 瑞典