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Curious Kitten Dinner Cat Wet Food 幼貓成長餐 貓主食罐 85G


LILY’S KITCHEN 幼貓成長餐 貓主食罐


  1. 完善均衡的營養,包括必須的牛磺酸,照顧毛孩的心臟健康
  2. 天然無多餘添加的正餐,無人造色素、防腐劑;所有貓罐無穀物
  3. 無肉粉、骨粉或動物衍生物,只用新鮮的肉類及內臟,提供蛋白質外,惹味又吸引

Made of 50-65% high-quality fresh meat, using fresh natural meat and meat, only after one cooking process, to retain the most nutrients, so that the baby can get a good diet, so that it can grow healthily and thrive. The rest are a balanced combination of water, fruits and vegetables, vitamins and chelated minerals that achieve optimal absorption through daily intake of well-balanced nutrients.


  1. Improve balanced nutrition, including essential taurine, to take care of the heart health of the baby
  2. Natural no extra added meals, no artificial colors, preservatives; all cats without grain
  3. No meat powder, bone meal or animal derivatives, only fresh meat and viscera, providing protein, irritating and attractive

Ingredients 成分


30% chicken, 10% salmon, 4% beef, 21% pork, salmon oil, chelated minerals


Protein蛋白質(min)  10.5%
 Fat脂肪(min)  6.0%
 Fiber纖維(max)  0.2%
 Moisture水份(max)  81.0%
 Ash灰分(max)  2.0%
 Taurine牛磺酸  723mg/kg

88 Calories/100g

Directions for Use 使用方法

  1. 建議餵食量:根據寵物年齡,大小及活動量進行餵食。
  2. 成貓:每日1罐;幼貓:適量。
  1. Suggested feeding amount: feeding according to pet's age, size and activity.
  2. Adult cat:1 cans per day; Young cat: moderate amount.

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