Tired of tying knots when going for coffee?


No problem! One ‘CLIC’ ties your dog to a chair or a table in a simple and elegant manner.

With the Introduction of the CLIC mechanism, High5dogs is the first to incorporate an innovative system to the traditional leash so one can tether a dog in a single motion with only one hand.

The CLIC mechanism makes it much more convenient to bring your furry friend along for any occasion. (Please, never leave your dog unattended!)


Advantages of the CLIC leash

  • Convenient tethering in one simple action
  • Tether with one hand
  • Tether your dog without having to unleash your dog
  • Easy to shorten
  • Bespoke rope and hardware
  • Patent pending 



- 1/2" / 13mm CLIC leash: 

USA: Length 55”/43” - Maximum dog weight: 85 LBS

EUR: Length 140cm/110cm - Maximum dog weight: 50 KG

- 1/4" / 7 mm CLIC leash: 

USA: Length 55”/43” - Maximum dog weight: 22 LBS

EUR: Length 140cm/110cm - Maximum dog weight: 15 KG


All measurements are for reference only and may vary slightly. 

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