Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Dog Treats 雞胸凍乾犬小食 3oz


Purpose Chicken Breast Treats come from the highest quality free-range, farm raised chickens. This ensures optimal nutrition for your pet and supports humane farm practices. Small bites make it great alternative for cats too!

  • Humanely raised free-range chicken
  • Great for training, and snacking
  • Single Ingredient Chicken Breast
  • Grain free, No fillers like corn, wheat or soy
  • No artificial preservatives or flavors
SIZE: 3 oz. bags.



- 人道飼養、自由放養農場雞 
- 非常適合訓練和吃零食 
- 單一成分雞胸肉 
- 不含穀物,玉米,小麥或大豆等填充物 
- 不含化學防腐劑或香精

成份 : 新鮮雞胸

粗蛋白質(最少): 75%
粗脂肪(最少):    3%
粗纖維(最多):    1%
水分(最多):       5%

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