CHEWDEN: Grip + Trove set 互動式慢食咀嚼玩具套裝 -


Key features of CHEWDEN

Helps prevent choking

Chewing and licking are great enrichment activities that keep your dog occupied, draining their energy and relieving stress. As a bonus, the mechanical scraping action and saliva generation promotes good dental health. However, the risk of choking on chews is often neglected. CHEWDEN helps by securing the end of the dog’s chew, giving you peace of mind while they chew away.


Contains the mess 

Think slobber, crumbs, odours, and stains.

CHEWDEN contains the mess on the easy-wipe base. It also keeps your dog’s paws off the treats themselves. The base can be stationed at a location of your choice, whether it is on the floor, carpet, or on the sofa. Giving treats should be fun and enjoyable, and not a clean-up chore.


Provide longer-lasting interaction

CHEWDEN's patent-pending system creates a 'soft wobble' which provides an added challenge to chewing, mentally stimulating while slowing them down. With CHEWDEN Grip, your dog is encouraged to chew differently, using their front teeth as the chew reaches the end. Dogs can now enjoy a chew for a longer time with added dental benefits!


Choose your chew

CHEWDEN Grip is suitable for almost any chew you and your dog fancies. It is easy to securely hold onto each chew with the included customised, high-strength Velcro® strap.


Choose your attachments

Choose from two attachments - Grip for chews and Trove for frozen treats. You'll have the freedom to take just the attachments with you on an outdoor adventure or use it with the base to keep chewing to a fixed location.




Easy to use

No drills, screwdrivers, or endless twisting required.


Always putting safety first

The safety of your dog is important to us. We've design CHEWDEN to be free of hazardous parts, so your pup can chew away to their heart's content!


Easy to clean

We were often frustrated with difficult-to-clean interactive treat dispensers. That's why our attachments are designed to be easy to clean with a simple sponge. You can also pop it onto the top rack of your dishwasher with a light cycle (max. 50°C). Turn endless scrubbing and washing into time for exploring new Trove recipes for your fur-baby!


Stable on all surfaces

CHEWDEN's wide and weighty 304 stainless-steel base was designed to withstand the tugs and pushes of your dog, especially once they have comfortably laid on top of it.


Made with recyclable materials

We're committed to minimising our environmental impact. CHEWDEN is made from non-toxic TPE material and stainless steel which are both selected for its durability and infinitely recyclable capabilities.


Bring it on your next adventure

The Grip attachment can hold the chew in an upright position, avoiding contact with dirt on the ground, keeping the chewing experience safer and cleaner for your dog.



What's inside

1x Grip - for securing long-lasting chews

1x Trove - for holding beautiful frozen treats

1x Base - for a mess-free dog enrichment experience


Additional info


Made with BPA free, phthalates free, and non toxic TPE, military grade nylon VELCRO® strap, as well as kitchen-grade stainless steel for our Base.



CHEWDEN is made to last, but it is not indestructible. Supervision is still strongly encouraged.Chews between 0.5cm to 2.0cm thick is recommended.



Top rack dishwasher safe, max. 50°C. Handwash is recommended for long term care. Do not expose to high heat over long periods of time.


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