Catnip Crunch Fish Cat Toy, Grey


The Catnip Crunch Fish cat toy by Petstages was designed to satisfy your cat’s urge to bunny kick, wrestle and play. Durable polyester fabric is used to ensure a longer product lifespan. Premium catnip fills the body of this cat toy and crinkle material is used in the fins, for a multi-sensory experience your cat is sure to love! Great for cats of all ages!


encourage natural hunting instincts:

The Catnip Crunch Fish cat toy is thoughtfully made with durable polyester, catnip, and crinkle material to appeal to the little hunter in every kitty!

shaped for bunny kicks & wrestling:

Great for active cats who need a way to redirect their energy, the Catnip Crunch Fish is the ideal size and shape for your cat to hug, bunny kick, and wrestle!

irresistible catnip scent & crinkle sound:

Filled with premium catnip in the body and crinkle material in the fins for multiple stimulating sensory experiences your kitty is sure to enjoy.

great for all ages:

From kittens to mature felines, this catnip-stuffed cat toy can bring out the playful energy in your kitty no matter the age!

play it safe:

No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

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