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Australian Kangaroo Jerky 澳洲袋鼠肉乾 30g


Kangaroo jerky has no doubt to be the signature product of our Australian snacks. It is one of the leanest meat with less than 2% fat content. It contains much more omega-3 than beef, lamb and pork, and also contains a large amount of antioxidant and Vitamin B12, boosting cell renewal.

Perfect for all breeds of dogs

New version, crispy, tasty!

If your pets like the old version, he/she must love this new version!

Ingredient: 100% kangaroo meat

Weight: 30g 

Dehydrated in low temperature. Preserving most nutritions and enzymes.
All Natural, No Artificial Flavours, Preservatives, Additives or colours

Best consume within one month once opened as there is no preservatives
Can last up to 6 months if unopened
Keep in dry and cool place or even better keep in the fridge and don’t forget to reseal the bag properly!


袋鼠肉是食肉用類當中最低脂的一種, 脂肪比例少於 2%
比牛羊豬含有更多 Omega 3,
有大量抗氧化元素, 亦有大量維他命 B12, 促進細胞更生



成份: 100% 澳洲袋鼠肉

重量: 30克 (圖中份量)



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